Friday, March 13, 2009

Gear, Specs, Ebon Plauge, Desecration

I need to complain about outdated gear more often. Apparently the loot gods heard me. Since Naxx 25 was clear for the week we did Naxx 10 last night. Gluth hooked me up with a new set of Tier tanking shoulders. Good Doggie. Slotted these with a +27 def gem and made sure to put my inscriptions Pinnacle enchant on em too.

When I logged on I was still in the Blood Tanking spec but we already had two prot pallies so I was asked to respec DPS real fast. In the interest of time I went with a 50/0/21 Blood DPS spec since I was already glyphed for blood.

Perhaps it is unfamiliarity, perhaps it is the spec, but I only did 3,100 DPS on Patch. With 17/0/54 I've hit 4,500 DPS on Patch 10.

This brings me to the Ebon Plague stacking bug. T'hell with only one unholy DK in the raid. Losing 1,400 DPS is likely worse than two Death Knights going down 300 DPS due to fighting for the third disease.

If you haven't seen it by now, there is a new build on the PTR and I want to talk about one item only. Desecration. That one talent that just seems so good on paper, but in reality, just doesn't make the cut. Sure if you have an extra 5 points in a deep unholy DPS build you might take it. Even then, it was mostly for filler. Let's face it. Relying on a plague strike, which we try to avoid using, to keep this up and hoping the boss doesn't move wasn't the best idea.

Everyone please cross your fingers that the desecration change goes live. If you still don't know what I'm yammering on about, the new Desecration procs off of Scourge Strike. I don't care if you are meleeing Grobulus, you will almost always be standing in a desecration area. For every 1,000 DPS you do, this will increase it by 50. On a 3 minute patch fight where you would normally do 4,000 DPS this will increase your total damage by 36,000. It adds up.

Look for desecration to become a staple of Unholy DPS builds if this goes live.

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