Sunday, March 15, 2009

Going Old School

Last night I did my first ever AQ20 run. We 6 manned it with me tanking. I didn't think to take a single screen shot.

We also 3 manned Attumen to try and score the mount. He dropped like a rock but didn't give the horsey.

Next we 2 manned Onyxia since we were in the mood.

However, I decided I need my kara key on this toon so I started the quest chain. I'm at the point where I need to go into Shadow Lab. Problem is, I don't have the key. So it's time to solo Sethek Halls.

I'm sporting an Unholy Tank spec at the moment, but went in with my DPS gear on and in blood presence.

Looks like I needed to refresh my diseases and hit a death strike instead of taking pictures like a tourist. That said, self buffed in a tank spec I was still pushing 2,100 DPS which is more than double what this instance was designed for in regular. I think the rest of the chain should be fairly easy as well. If it gets rough I can always put on my tank gear too.

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