Friday, March 20, 2009

Kara Key Solo'd

Here it is. My fourth Kara Key. Big difference from my first one. When I keyed my lock I basically relied on others to walk me through each step and while I contributed reasonable DPS I definitely needed a good group to run the dungeons.

My second key was on my Bear. I was focused and tanked all the runs needed. They weren't clean runs but they got the kills required.

My third key on my hunter was just for fun. By the time I leveled him to 70 the key requirement was already dropped. But I keyed him anyway since I didn't think a non attuned toon belonged in Kara. This is the same feeling I have about Death Knight tanks getting uncritable by relying on Stoneskin Gargoyle. Some of the earliest posts I did were about getting 540 defense long before 3.08 came out.

Before you go off and think I'm being elitist about SSG, just realize that as you gear up and get defense on all your gear its possible to hit 540 with just a few enchants and a couple gems. Overall your stats will be better balanced between mitigation, avoidance, health, and threat.

Back to the key chain. I digressed more than usual but I just finished dinner and an adult beverage with it.

I only ran the minimum required for the key. Therefore my foray into SV and Arcatraz avoided all the bosses. I also skipped Murmur in Shadow Labs. I did full clears on Sethek Halls, Old Hillsbrad, Mechanar, Botanica, and Black Morass.

I did them all solo in an Unholy tank spec. For the most part I did them in my tank gear with frost presence because the 1700 DPS was more than sufficient. I only died once on a trash pull in Labs where I wasn't paying attention.

Black Morass was a little hairy since my new mouse decided to not respond and 500 ms lag didn't help.

The mouse and lag problems led to me missing 2 mobs as they made their way to the shield. All in all, soloing with 86% shield left wasn't bad. My Death Strikes healed me for around 2,600 health per pop and I used those about as often as scourge strikes.

So if you have a touch of nostalgia and looking for something to do before 3.1 hits, getting keyed on your own is very doable.

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