Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kara Key Update: Mech

I'll be putting up a Naxx 25 post in a bit but wanted to keep you aprised of my Solo Kara Key quest.

I hit up Mechenar yesterday so I could finish getting my Arcatraz key. As with previous dungeons trash is easy. DnD, IT, PS, Pest then spam RS and trade off between DS and SS depending on health needs.

One boss was a little harder.

Notice anything missing from Mechanno Lord's debuffs? Should be to the lower left of my ICEHud. No Diseases. Damn thing was immune.

No diseases means no self healing. It also means I don't hit as hard. To compensate I put more focus into maintaining my mitigation cooldowns cycled. I also changed my rotation to be BS and OB only for runes. BS to convert the bloods to death and Obliterate since it plain hits harder and I was no longer worried about cleansing my own diseases.

Had it gotten real hairy I could have called the army out. I also still had lichborne in reserve. As it was, I downed him with about 6k health left but by the time I was around 10k health I knew I was winning the DPS race.

The rest of mech was easy. The mini gauntlet to Panthelon was fun, but they were spaced well enough I could keep my self healed and only fight one group at a time.

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