Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Morning Blues

I didn't get much playing done over the weekend. Outside of a couple dailies and fooling around in a couple dungeons didn't do anything exciting.

I'm still trying to score my first Maly run. I honestly don't care whether it's 10 or 25. I also don't care(but wouldn't pass up) about loot in there. I raid to see content and I still haven't seen this fight outside of Tankspot, or gotten a kill.

I'd really like to have that before 3.1 hits.

In the meantime I'm collecting mats for Northrend Inscription Research. One I can use the mats to finish capping my scribe prof, two I'll hopefully discover some of the better new glyphs early on and be able to make some easy money.

I have about half a dozen good entries for my next DK feature. It's going to be a hard decision. If you aren't chosen don't worry there are always future weeks as well.

I ran a nexus regular pug on my hunter over the weekend. We had a DK tank. He was level 70 with 61 points in Frost. Not exactly ideal spec and I would argue that while leveling just grab a few pieces of +def gear and tank with a DPS spec. But it was clear the guy hadn't tanked before. That's OK too, we all need to learn sometime.

The tanking basics that you need to know regardless of class.
1) Only pull when your healer is ready
2) Know where a safe place to tank the pull is
3) Don't pull when a Patrol can join the fight
4) Make sure you have a way to establish and maintain aggro on all mobs that are not CC'd
5) Use Line of Sight to ensure casters come to you
6) If you do not have the health, mitigation, and avoidance to survive a 5 pull, use CC
7) Slow Down and Think

For DK's Items number 4 & 5 means use DnD either on the mobs where they are (assuming #2 isn't violated) or apply rule #5 and make sure all the mobs have to run through your DnD as they come to you.

I bring this up as there were numerous trash pulls I died on since feigning death would have put the mobs back on our healer that much faster. I'm sure some of the expert hunters out there could give me some tips on kiting casters in tight spaces. I know I wasn't good at it.


  1. If you're a hunter in a PuG with a bad tank that's not using CC and can't deal with multiple mobs, drop a freezing trap under the healer so the mob that runs over to smack them gets frozen.

  2. nice tip. unfortunately most healers in PUGs are running around all the time. sometimes they they use dots and then it's hard to use freeze trap. usually I try to get aggro, run away, faint death, rinse n repeat :)