Thursday, March 19, 2009

Naxx Clear

OK, so for my new guild this isn't a big deal. But for me it is.

Now I'm just a Malygos kill away from scoring my Champion of the Frozen North title. In two years of playing this will be my first title. I came too late for the battleground PvP titles and I never was progressed enough in BC to get those titles. Not to mention I'm too cheap to shell out 1,000g for "of the Shattered Sun."

It's interesting to me how different groups can struggle with different fights. My friends and I have tons of trouble with Four Horsemen, but one shot the construct quarter. My new guild is the opposite. Grob and Gluth just give us all sorts of fits.

On our third attempt at gluth one of our chow kiters went down early. I was dpsing in my tank gear since we had lost tanks in the prior two attempts. I popped frost presence ran back and picked the chows up. It was the difference between a kill and a wipe and I was proud of myself.

Grobbulus just farted all over us. Someone kept taunting right when he would spray his slime which kept us DPS from staying on the boss since we had to kill slimes. I don't know how many times the raid leader yelled about that as well as tanking the slimes in the clouds.

Thaddius was a clean kill this week and we have to give our heals tons of kudos for it. I DC'd right when a polarity shift occurred. I saw the DC coming so I warned everyone on vent and of course my polarity changed and I stood there trying to blow up the raid. By the time I logged back in I was dead and the boss was 20%.

It's not uncommon for me to get one DC a night but this was actually my third. The first came right when I had a mutating injection on Grob. Any guesses on whether I lived through my own cloud?

After Thad we went into Frostwrym and this was my first time ever seeing Saph. The fight was actually pretty easy. I imagine it will be tougher when the healing regen nerfs hit and all us melee actually have to care about staying out of the blizzards.

Kel on the other hand proved a little difficult. I'm not sure what the problems were but we had off tanks die on a couple attempts as well as the main tank. On the last attempt we lost the main tank and the remaining off tank with about 400k health left. As one of the remaining players, I called the army out and blew every other cooldown I had. I was at 25% health and one of 5 remaining players standing when Kel went down. Ugly but done.

I picked up 3 more pieces for my tank set including my 7.5 legs. If I choose too I could have the 4 piece bonus by combining the 7.5 chest and legs with the T7 Shoulders and Gloves. Three more seconds of IBF would be nice, but the shoulders and gloves I am currently wearing are too much of an upgrade.

My health using the standard Unholy tank spec has me at 29.6k unbuffed. My AP in this shot is still buffed from endless rage so it should be 3418 which is still not bad for a tank. I will also eat a snapper extreme when tanking for an additional 40 hit which I sorely need. I am also 3 emblems of valor away from a nice cloak upgrade and my bracers are still DPS bracers. If I ever replace those I can free up some gems for strength or stam depending on need.

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