Thursday, March 26, 2009

No Immortal for me

After my previous night of Disconnects I get logged on for the remainder of Naxx last night. I am pleastantly surprised to learn that everything but Four Horsemen and Frostwyrm is clear. That tells me despite my DC issues the guild did well in the remaining quarters.

I was still in a DPS spec from the night before where I had been asked to respec. We only had two tanks so I was asked to tank Baron in my DPS spec. My only concern was I just traded out my tank cloaks for a shiny new Platinum Mesh Cloak. The only problem was since I didn't expect to be tanking and our guild chanter didn't have any titanium it was chanted with +16 def rating. That left me 11 def rating below the cap.

I advised the RL and my healers and they said don't worry. We use the zerg technique where all DPS starts off on Thane and kills him first. Then Baraon, then Lady, and last Zelick. My job was simply eat however many stacks it took to get Thane down while tanking Baron. As soon as Baraon was taunted off of me go relieve the holy pally tanking Zelick in the back.

Went like clockwork.

I honestly never asked whether there were any boss deaths yesterday but it didn't matter come Saph. We had a new ele shammy in the guild who didn't have a chance to get any frost gear and he went down on Saph. But that was the only death in there.

Kel took us two attempts since the RNG played mean with us on the first one. We have two off tanks pick up the scarabs when they come out. Both of them got mind controlled at the same time while tanking scarabs at around 15%. Needless to say that lead to a complete wipe.

The second attempt, everything was going smooth. The rogues, DPS warriors, and all 3 of us DKs were doing a good job interrupting the Frost Bolts. Mind Freeze FTW. Then I got mind controlled. I was sheeped twice but not long enough to keep me from death gripping a resto shammy and one shotting him. Why can't I do that when I actually want to?

Still a fun relaxed night of raiding.

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  1. Arrrg ... I know how you feel. I lost out on my title last week because one of our paladins DC'd durring Grobbulus and stood in a poison cloud. It's really frustrating to be only ONE death away from perfect.

    -- Xeeon