Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not bad when all said and done

Naxx 25. We are clearing 3 quarters for the night. I log on all ready to tank and was one of 6 tanks in the raid. My new guild has a raid policy that they will pay respec fees if you are asked. For loot you still roll on your main spec which has been identified as tank. Outside of 5 mans I've only DPS'd for them in the week since I joined.

My time will come.

Since my main spec gear is mostly Naxx 10 and Heroics I had priority over any offspecs for tank drops I could use. For the other main spec tanks in the raid, most of them already had the i213 level gear. So I cleaned up. Tanked my EPGP rating down the drain but at least I'll be on more level footing.

So lootwise here's how I did.

For the second time in a week I upgraded my tanking shoulders from the Halls of Stone quest blues I had. Earlier I picked up the T7 shoulders, but those got upgraded again last night with the Pauldrons of Unnatural Death. I had the mats for my scribe chant, but I will have to gem these this afternoon. I'll put a +27 def in those so I can crit cap with the gear changes.

I also scored a pair of Callous-Hearted Gauntlets. These will be getting the armsmen enchant on them for the additional threat today.

The last piece I won was the T7.5 chest. Only due to a bug it got miss looted to a shaman who was supposed to recieve the shamy chest that dropped. So in the next few days I'll go from T7 to T7.5 and get my Valorous Scourgeborne Chestguard.

As for dishing out the pain.....

Like my tank set, my DPS gear is primarily Naxx 10, crafted, and heroics. Which is not to say it's bad gear but there are clear upgrades in heroic raids for me. I went with the 17/0/54 2H Unholy DPS spec even though there were two others in the raid. After two quarters one of the other DK's had to leave so I only fought for Ebon Plague with one DK for Military Quarter.

I'd like to say I held my own in there.

I should have been 3rd overall for the night but you can't DPS when dead and Azzure went down when a mind controlled understudy broke free on Raz early in the fight. On most boss fights I was in top 3 as well. Tonight should be interesting to see how I do on Patch. It's been a very long time since I've seen him in heroic where my raid buffed AP is well in excess of 5000 and my paper doll says I'll do 900 white damage DPS.

So with 3 Quarters down for the night with no wipes I picked up my 50th emblem of valor and Heroic Military Quarter achievement.

As I said, not bad, not bad at all. Tonight we should clear the place. All we have is construct and Frostwyrm. Assuming we get the clear I'll pick up 3 more achievements including the fall of Naxx and be a Malygos kill away from getting Champion of the Frozen Wastes.

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