Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Poll Results: Patch 3.1 DK Plans

So the patch has been on the PTR for a week and we have all had a chance to read up on all the changes and perhaps even test them out. Right off the bat I knew my interest in a 5/45/21 Frost AOE tanking build was dead in the water with Howling blast moved to the 51 point spot in Frost.

Therefore I decided to stick with Unholy for both my tanking and my DPS specs. So did a lot of you.

What surprised me is that 10% of you thought you would retire your Death Knight and go back to your old main. I know my sample is highly biased in favor of Death Knights just because the people who read my blog play them. Could this result help explain my VoA pug yesterday? Have a lot of Death Knights decided to go level their old main and get it to 80 prior to Ulduar's release?

Either way, for the time being it just does not look like Blizzard is succeeding in balancing the trees. The majority feel Unholy is the way to go. While blood is left hanging in the dark.

I question whether blood scales better though. One of the top raiding guilds in the US is on my server Alliance side. They got special access to Ulduar to do some tank testing the other night. Regrettably they biased their results with using more healers on the DK tank than the other classes but it was interesting to me the used a Blood Tank for the test.

I should be able to score some PTR time this Thursday and maybe I'll try out a Blood 2H tank spec. Something along the lines of 50/8/13 so I can get morbidity in Unholy to help with the AOE and obviously skip DRW in blood.

I have a new poll up and I'm asking an old question. How far is your progression with your DK? Last time I was surprised by the number of people still leveling.


  1. Yep, I'll be abandoning my DK for the most part and level up my Prot Paladin to tank

  2. I'll be sticking with my DK. It's still better than my level 80 feral druid and I just don't feel like leveling up my 70 warrior or a new paladin.

  3. I have a theory about DKs. They are huge fun at 55, still huge fun at 65, and fun at 70. However as players get closer to 80 they see that the DK is not overpowered, it is just a good solid melee dps class.

    This means that if they didn't like melee dps a while back, they'll start to not enjoy the DK. So some get tired with the grind, and certainly tired of having another toon to maintain. Then with the introduction of the 2nd major adjustment to DKs people are starting to see that DKs are not immune to the nurf bat, so go looking for another buzz.

    So the population of DKs at 80 is nothing like the population of potential 80s who were once running rampant in Ramparts. Those at 80 have earnt it. If you levelled a DK in the early days you know that x4 DKs and a healer could do almost anything; but god help you trying Shadow Labs with x4 68 DKs and a 67 healer (Rez pls).

    I love my DK, and will stay with it regardless of what they do to the class. I've seen and survived nurfs and adjustments on a heap of my old toons (pally, warlock) and still enjoy the game.

  4. @ TA

    I agree a lot of people realized melee DPS and tanking is not for them. I myself came from a Feral Druid so was already accustomed to swapping gear and tearing up the back side of the boss when I wasn't taking a beating from one.

    I would also posit that good DK tanks would be good tanks regardless of which class they roll. Tanking goes beyond gear and talent selection, those are a given.

    And contrary to popular misconception, we can't actually faceroll our keyboards and knock out killer DPS. The DK's that are pulling 3, 4, or even 5,000 DPS or more are making efforts with their rotations, ensuring their specs are optimal, as well as using the right buffs and cooldowns at the right time.