Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poll Results: Progression Update & Ask the Scourge

There has been a clear shift towards the content being clear since the last time I ran this poll. That said about a quarter of you are still leveling your DK to 80. Are these alts perhaps?

Another quarter are in Naxx but haven't gotten Maly down yet. Our small guild coalition cleared Naxx for the first time last week. Too bad I missed 4H through Kel so I still haven't gotten the achievements.

Nearly a quarter of you are in Heroics while another quarter have cleared Maly and are probably waiting on Ulduar.

What does this mean? There is a good spread in Death Knight experience to draw upon for topics. Raids, Heroics, general specs, gear questions, etc etc etc.

In other words lots of good blog fodder.

I didn't do an Ask the Scourge last week so I'm tying one into this poll results. Have a question? Just drop a comment and I'll give an answer.


  1. In my case I leveled a horde DK to 80 on my "main" server, then realized that I could get together and do heroics every night of the week with the folks in the guild of a server a good friend is on, instead of once in a blue moon. So I've stopped playing on that server, Blade's Edge.

    But the folks on Hyjal are alliance, so I've been leveling a DK over there, and that's been my new main server since a few other friends have started playing again and are on that server.

    As for an Ask the Scourge question... I dunno. I'm not a money making powerhouse, so is it really worth it to track down and buy the best possible enchants every time you upgrade a piece of gear? Or is it a better use of time and gold to wait until you near 80 and are thus getting gear that'll stay around longer? I don't have 1k gold, yet, so I feel I can't really afford to pay to get *fill in the blank* enchanted, then get to abandon it in a level or two when something better comes along.

  2. @ Freddy,

    Don't worry about chanting your gear until you hit 80. Then chant every piece you plan to raid with.

    The old adage is, good enough to raid in, good enough to chant. Goes for gems too. :)

  3. Hello there, i've been reading ur forum for quite some time now so i wanted to cheer u on the project =D
    I've played a holy priest for a long time but when WOLTK came out i decided to try something new like dps and i felt the DK was the way to go, i truly enjoyed playin and raiding with my DK(Mangekyou, Horde, Bleeding Hollow), im a die hard supporter of the DW spec, i simply love it, but after i saw the 3.1 patch notes i was like....wtf is this.... feels like blizz is forcing us to play 2h so i decided to lvl my priest and let the DK take a break.
    What do u think about the DW/2h when 3.1 hits?
    Im pretty sure many of us Dks dislike this and will prolly go back to their mains or idk maybe pvp.
    Anyways keep up the good work

  4. @ Danilo

    I haven't done much with dual wield in a couple months. I know there are some who are trying to come up with a viable spec on the PTR but last I've seen every one of those specs actually did more damage with a 2h weapon equiped.

    I'm not ready to write DW off as dead, but many of the things that made the current version uber are going away.