Thursday, March 5, 2009

PTR Blood Tank Spec Details

I've modified my original blood tank spec and still haven't had the chance to test the mitigation side but raw DPS on the test dummy is really improved over what I've been getting with other specs.

So I went to work on what was left of the test dummy in Ebon Hold.

It can still be targeted but it is no longer a tall wooden figure with a sword and shield. Makes me wonder if Blizz doesn't have a sense of humor.

You can also see the new desecration animation in the shot. Its the golden circle on the ground from another DK.

OK, on to the numbers. My Unholy PTR Tank Spec generated 962 DPS on the boss test dummy with Horn of Winter. On Patch it tossed 1600 DPS. I will caveat that bladed armor was not working at the time.

My first pass at a blood spec gave me 1020 DPS on the target dummy. This includes Horn of Winter and the BA fix. That clearly wasn't a huge improvement so I went back to the drawing board and modeled a new spec off of some high end blood tanks I've seen in various places. New DPS in Frost Presence with Horn of Winter: 1198.

Now you're asking what's the spec?



Subversion 3 points
Blade Barrier 5 points
Bladed Armor 5 points
Two Hand Specialization 2 points
Rune Tap 1 point
Dark Convition 5 points
Improved Rune Tap 3 points
Spell Deflection 3 points
Bloody Strikes 3 points
Veteran of the Third War 3 points
Mark of Blood 1 point
Bloody Vengence 3 points
Abomination's Might 2 points
Vampric Blood 1 point
Will of the Necropolis 3 points
Heart Strike 1 point
Might of Mograine 3 points


Improved Icy Touch 3 points
Toughness 5 points
Icy Reach 2 points
Lichborne 1 point
Annihilation 3 points


Anticipation 5 points
Epidemic 2 points
Morbidity 3 points

My test dummy experience did not match what theory crafting would suggest. I did better without death rune mastery by spamming obliterates whenever I didn't need to refresh my diseases. However, I should have been able to generate about 500 more raw damage with one extra cooldown for each pair of unholy and frost runes converted to death runes using Heart strike. Recount didn't agree. That said, it would be easy to move the points from subversion to death rune mastery with further testing.


  1. What rotation are you using to get the best out of this build so far? I am setting up my dual spec to tank for the guild and its totally a fresh experience for me being the top DPS for so long

  2. @Runewraith,

    Rotations are fairly straight forward. Keep diseases up, use Oblit to convert runes to death runes as required, and spam heart strike. Blow your RP on Runestrikes every chance you get.

    AOE relies on DnD, and blood boil. Using Oblit to convert death runes then spamming them on the improved blood boil held threat fairly well in AOE situations.

    However, since I tried this spec they nerfed lichborne and I may not go deep enough into frost to get annilahation. If so, substitute Death Strikes for Oblit and you're good.

  3. TBH that specc is all wrong the way i look at it sorry

    on wowinsiders latest lichborne there is a lush DPS build 51/0/20 summut like that and its working me realy well and use death strike not oblit with the buff to death strike and 3 in imp death strike you can do like 100 damage off of oblit and still keep your deseases letting you go into unholy for the perma ghoul

  4. @ Anon,

    Comparing a tank build to a DPS build isn't apples to apples. The 51/0/20 you reference will not be viable for tanking progression content.

    Now this spec is already outdated and assuming you found it in the comments on WoWinsider I acknowledged the fact that with the lichborne nerf there is no reason to go deep enough in Frost to pick it up. And without being that deep you wouldn't have annihilation either and trade OB out for DS.

  5. With the DS glyph and the talent, DS outdoes oblit by a long shot as a blood, so why bother with it in 3.1

  6. Personaly, I just want to say blood tanking surpasses all other tanks. Just alot of fun. I dont even worried about obl or DS i start off with a DnD icy touch Pl.S. Then pesilence to spread to mutible mobs. Next rotation heart strikes watching the timers on my other dieses, sry spelling is horrible.. its rather easy to keep up top aggro with so many lil hits being taken from all your DnD-deises.. I just toss in a heart strike in here and there. Its not much dif when it comes to single target just more heart strikes. Alot of healers have said im one of the easiest tanks to heal by far. I run 25 man nax.. about as far as i have tanked 25 man os. Deathrodite on bloodfurnace. I know her defence is a point under cap but the signal i have on puts her defence well above 540. And its a constant with using icy touch it aloud me to add a lil bit more stam. I am at like 29k hp unbuffed.