Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some Nights, you just fail

Last night was one of those nights for me. I hadn't planned on raiding and wasn't prepared to do that when I logged on. It was late and I planned on doing a little fishing.

The back story goes, I applied and was accepted to a raiding guild on the server. I truly enjoy my friends but due to RL we are down from fielding 9 people in January to 4-6 people now including myself. When I joined the new guild in the afternoon I asked whether I would be needed as a tank or dps. I was told we'll figure it out tomorrow, don't bother respeccing.

So I log in and its 10:30 which is half way through their raid night. I instantly get whispered, can I tank zombie chows. I reply that I'm still DPS spec and that I can't get on vent due to my son trying to go to bed. They ask me to come anyway.

You pick up a lot more chows in 25 than in 10's and in a pure DPS spec even with tank gear on I just couldn't survive the stacking debuffs with that many. Not how I wanted to make a first impression.

On to Thaddius, they ask me to tank Stalagg. I reiterate my concerns that even though I'm uncritable I'm in a DPS spec. Apparently, this was missed. I dropped like a rock.

We sort out that I shouldn't be tanking in a DPS spec and re-attempt the fight. First polarity I blow myself and 3 or 4 other people up. Who's the leet raider now biatch?

At this point my son is asleep so I sneak onto vent. Once on vent and I can hear everything I did my part. I DPS'd, made my jump, and stayed tight to stack my charge, and didn't blow a transition.

This morning before I left for work I made sure to respec tank so I can actually survive a hit in 25's. Now I just need to find some gold so I can get some Icebane gear. I'm broke after powerleveling Jewelcrafting last weekend.


  1. This post made me kind of sad, and I'm not sure why. Another 10-man warrior (not the class) bites the dust.

    I kind of saw our progression at about the same place. Your little guild & my little guild were very similar, so I guess I saw us as kindred spirits.

    Grats on the promotion, so to speak.

  2. I went from a small 10 man guild to a 25 one myself. Granted it was back in December I can relate. I started as a tank and actually was accepted in the 25 man guild as a tank but was asked to DPS.

    Anyways, good luck to you and your new guild, if the raiders and raid leader know their stuff then they understand that it's harder to tank (even if you're in tank gear) as a DPS spec. For some reason DK's are asked to do this more then Fury warriors from my own experience thus even though I'm 51/0/20 I still have to carry around my full tank gear.

  3. Hi from a long time lurker and seldom poster, Gratz on the move. Hope you get the results out of it that you are seeking. Sometimes it is just better to move on and not look back. I still miss the guys from my first Guild but as most have quit WoW for RL things, I think I had no choice :D Now running with a smallish EU Guild that might just field its first 25 man Raid this weekend, wish us luck.
    Taryl Khadgar EU Familiar to Millions