Monday, March 2, 2009

Stumbling blocks and other musings

The Four horsemen determined we would no make any more progress for the week. I need to do more research before we hit them again. Our biggest issue appeared to be class composition. We just didn't have a way to tank and heal four separate quarters. We had a hunter in one corner using a gorriladin and mend pet. Trading horsemen with a DK who wasn't on vent.

I was tanking in a pure DPS spec (not advisable even with the gear). On our best try we got Baron to 18% and Kor to 31%. Perhaps a bit more practice would help. We also had a few members in the raid who typically don't run with us.

Either I miss read wowwiki or there is another trick I'm missing. Either way we cleared 3 quarters and 2 bosses. Last week we cleared 1 quarter plus 1 boss. That's a lot of progress in one week. Tomorrow everything resets and we will start all over again.

Two months ago I set a goal of getting all 10 classes to 80 this year in addition to raiding on my DK. I can't say I've made a lot of progress. I'm just having too much fun with my death knight. Especially since I can do a dungeon or two in the hour and a half I have in the afternoons. In BC I would use that time to work on alts. Now I can farm emblems, or work on my fishing.

Since I set my goal I've got my Shammy to 64 from 61 and is still resto. My druid was resto for most of 71, but I respecced him boomkin to finish it out and ding 72. I had sold/deleted all my feral gear when I went resto so I wouldn't go back. I went Boom so I could DPS on quests and actually make some progress. I also dropped about 400g into getting his alchemy from 375 to 424. I was happy to make that all back by selling the elixirs of strength and agility I created while leveling it.

I also staged my Hunter in Howling Fjord and thought I might work on leveling him some, especially since he's my only miner. The other advantage to leveling him and by druid is they both already have epic flight. That's 10k gold I don't have to spend on these toons anymore.

Before my DK I had never bothered with Cooking and Fishing. Man I was missing out. I have cooking at 448 and fishing is 380 something (Armory is down atm). I'm at the point where I can fish up the good stuff for my favorite strength and hit foods. Combined with daily cooking rewards and spending the award on extra spices means I can cheaply keep myself supplied and sell the extras. I can easily make a couple hundred gold a day with this. Only problem is that it cuts into my Sons of Hodir time. I'm about half way through revered with those guys.

I'll put up another Ask the Scourge day tomorrow so feel free to e-mail me any questions you have in advance.


  1. We took down the horsemen Saturday using our 2 tanks on the front two, one of our 3 healers & an elemental shaman on the back two.

    Saturday's run went great. We cleared Spider & Military with essentially no problems. Sunday's run...was another story entirely. Probably my worst raiding experience ever.

  2. We didn't have an ele shaman on the run. In fact the hunter was the only ranged player we had.

    How did the shaman and healer trade mobs? Or did they just heal through their stacks?

  3. I know your raid compilation was different, but I thought I'd throw out our strategy to see if there's anything you can garner from it.

    Here is what we usually do:
    One tank on Korth'azz, one tank on Rivendare, Warlock on Blaumeux and Shaman on Zeliek.

    Ideally we'd have two classes that could heal themselves in the back, but we usually only have one. The rest of the DPS and one healer is in Korth'azz's corner and stacks on the tank there. The second healer is between Zeliek and Rivendare to help heal the tank in Rivendare's corner and to heal the warlock when he switches with the shaman.

    Now if we have the DPS we'll pull and take Korth'azz down usually before 5 marks are up. However, if we don't at 3 marks the tanks will bring Rivendare and Korth'azz within taunting range (healers need to watch for damage spikes due to the tanks being hit from behind) and then taunt the bosses effectively having them switch sides (Korth'azz is now in Rivendare's corner, Rivendare is now in Korth'azz's corner). DPS stays still and the healer between Zeliek and Rivendare tries to watch their marks and heal as they can. Keep doing this until one boss (usually Korth'azz) is down.

    The tank that is now free (usually the one who started on Rivendare) runs to where the warlock is and takes over tanking there. Rivendare goes down and the tank, dps, and healer now move to Blaumeux, take her down and then then Zeliek.

    The ideal situation would be to have two classes with healing abilities in the back, but you can do it with one. It's hard, but it's pretty do-able. The worst part is having to run back after a wipe because it takes too freaking long.

    We brought in some new people last night (3 to be specific) and it took us probably 4 tries just getting everyone to learn how to do things. Pretty frustrating considering we called it on Gluth and we won't get the clear. Having two of our top DPS on vacation stinks. :(

  4. We've done it with a shadow priest in the back, a feral druid has even done it before. Any class with the ability to heal himself and some healing gear can do it. We have the luxury of ALWAYS having 3 healers plus a shadow priest.

    The shaman and healer switched at 3 stacks. They just switched sides.

    In the front, we do exactly what Keste does except we've always had 2 people that can heal in the back, so our 2 healers up front are basically focusing on the front.

    We put our main tank on Rivendere with our best single target healer. We put our offtank on Korthaz with our best group healer. Our DPS stays with the offtank. At 3 stacks the 2 tanks go to the middle and taunt each others' mob off of each other to switch.

    We used to have the dps switch from side to side, but them just staying put seems to work better and keeps them from getting more than 3 marks on them.

    I've noticed screwy things happen a lot on that fight. One time rivendere didn't even run to his corner, he just took off through the raid for no reason from the start. The other day, one of our priests was tanking blamow in the back and she was nuking the crap out of him, but still decided he wasn't close enough and wiped the raid.

    My group has spider & military down pat. As well as Noth. Unfortunately, we have yet to get past Heigan and we tried and failed to kill Patchwerk for the first time yesterday. Our 2 pug dps kind of killed us on that one. I'm gonna write about it on my blog here in a bit.

  5. "The shaman and healer switched at 3 stacks. They just switched sides. "

    I think this is my disconnect. Wouldn't Blau and Zel follow them as they change sides? Or is the taunt actually required to get them to change quarters?

  6. To be honest I don't know exactly what they do. I THINK they stay where they are. If no one is in range of them they start doing some huge aoe damage spell that kills everyone. To me, this says that they won't follow, so the shaman and healer may just switch sides.

    What I don't know is whether or not there is a "grace period" before they start nuking the raid or if it is immediately. We don't seem to get nuked everytime they switch, so it seems to me that they just switch sides and everything goes smoothly.

    I will ask my raid leader about this and get back to you.

  7. "I THINK they stay where they are. If no one is in range of them they start doing some huge aoe damage spell that kills everyone."

    That's exactly right.

  8. Yes, Blau and Zel are stationary no matter what. The problem here is that the two in the back do need some coordination because if someone isn't in range for a period of time you start getting the AoE pain. It's not too hard though as long as they communicate over vent or with macros.