Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tank Kiting

Based on previous polls I've done, I know quite a few of you are new to tanking. One of the skills you will need to master is kiting bosses.

When moving a boss around you never want to turn your back on them. As soon as you do you lose all your avoidance and your healer starts burning their mana faster. Assuming you don't die.

So to move the boss safely you need to either walk backwards or strafe the mob.

I'm a mouse driver which means I have to kite bosses with the keyboard since my 3 button mouse doesn't let me go backwards. Whenever I need to kite I use the arrow keys. It's not as smooth but its better than turning your back.

My mouse died on me so I did get a cheap $40 5 button mouse and my two extra buttons are bound to backing up and strafing left. I tend to go left more than right. Kinda like the reverse of Zoolander.

So what does this have to do with learning to tank kite. If you read my last post I'm working on my Kara key and I'm doing it solo. Grand Master Vorpil in Shadow Labs has to be kited.

So here I am kiting him backwards to avoid the void walkers getting to him. This is on the south pass after we already went north. For an 80 DK tank this should be relatively easy to solo, or take a dps healer if you want. This is a good boss to practice kite tanking on if you don't have a lot of experience.

Just keep moving. Never turn your back. Profit.


  1. A big example of a boss a tank has to kite is Anub'Rekhan... something of a skill check for a tank unless they have an amazing set of healers that can keep him up as he just eats the swarm at point blank. A problem I've run into with a number of tanks who try kite tanking is that they often times stop building aggro on their target while they kite their target... resulting in losing threat to another player. In the case of Anub'rekhan, warriors and druids at lower gearing levels run into this problem often due to the unique mechanics of the kiting phase... Paladin's and DK's who can't maintain aggro during the kite phase however, deserve to be shot... repeatedly.

  2. Conrose brings up a good point I didn't directly address. You have to continue to lay the smack down on the boss to maintain aggro.

    This is somewhat more difficult with caster bosses that need to be tanked. Spell interrupts and line of sight will be your friend in these cases.