Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life after WoW

It's been two months since I canceled my account. In some ways leaving the game has been easy, in others not so much.

The biggest issue I have with WoW is also its biggest attraction. The persistent nature of the game. Even when you are logged out events that affect you continue to transpire. This is a powerful motivator to not log out, not miss anything.

I figure I was playing 20-25 hours a week before I quit. Six to eight of those would have been raiding, the rest doing the daily grind. Fishing, crafting, dailies, running heroics for rep, etc, etc, etc. Most of that time was not truly fun.

The time spent raiding also included tons of down time for breaks and wipe recovery.

Outside of the game I was putting another 10-15 hours a week into this blog. Between the two it was as if I had a second full time job with no pay. I'll admit it was one I enjoyed.

In my resignation post I identified two aspects of my personal life I had let slack. Reading and my health. I have addressed both of those.

I have read a couple books but have focused most of my readings on online journals and blogs that deal with my professional interests of data modeling, economics, decision theory, and personal finance.

I write a blog on my professional interests and it is achieving my goals. I don't update it near as frequently as I did The Scourge, but then that is the nature of my professional thoughts. Insight takes longer to develop and distill in that arena. My readership is also much lower but that is also a nature of the material. However, I am getting the right readership. People who can further my career.

As for my health I indicated I had put on a few pounds. I know myself. If I don't have a good kick in the ass by someone other than my wife I will not exercise. So I hired a trainer. In just a few weeks I've dropped a few pounds, lost an inch from my waist, gained a lot of endurance, am a little stronger, and have the energy to keep up with my son at the park.

Gaming wise, I played a number of games. I tried Diablo 2 again. It was fun and I could see a lot of the Death Knight in my old favorite class the necromancer. I also finally got Warcraft 3. I'm not and RTS fan and WC3 is definitely not WoW. I did join iRacing and settle into it. I've always had a love affair with racing and this is much cheaper than buying a spec Miata. The beauty is, I can fit my racing schedule more easily into my routine and if I need to quit for something in RL, 9 or 24 people are dependent on my being there.

But it's not easy walking away from something that was a big part of your life for two years. I still lurk on a few blogs. Afterall, WoW blogging really is a community and especially amongst us fellow DK bloggers. Death Knights continue to be in the good hands of Me And My Ghoul and Death Knight Tactics, though the loss of Skeleton Jack leaves another hole in the group.

I have no intentions on removing this site from the web, but two months after WoW I can say I have no intentions on coming back.


  1. Hey... there's some overlap between WoW and economics! No reason not to satiate both interests at once. In fact, that's our speciality!

    Now, about that waist line...

  2. youll be back within 4 months from today :)

    Oh, and they finally decided on making DW very viable... how can you miss that? :p

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  4. congrats man. i want to quit wow and have more time to play with my son. I think i'm only inches away from canceling my account.

  5. I'm WOW free for a week now. Maybe it was just my server, or just my perception but what finall drove me from WOW (after a year of playing pretty much non-stop) was just how negative it all was. Trade chat was always yelling about someone or some group. Instances usually resulted in fights over loot or how bad someone's gear was. All in all I found it just a huge negative influence.... the goal when I started was to have fun. It stopped being fun but I couldn't stop... until one day I did. I won't go back... and I think I'm done with MMORPGs.

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