Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Time to hold myself accountable. At the beginning of the year I set the ambitious goal of continuingng to raid with my DK and provide reasonable if not exactly cutting edge suggestions on how to get the most out of your toon. I also had the ancillary goal of leveling all 9 other classes to 80.

Of course what I didn't know at the time is which way my life would turn. These WoW goals were set assuming life outside in the real world would remain stable.

It didn't.

However, I still believe it is important to see how I did against these goals as with all goals in life.

The real world saw my work schedule become very busy as we had several major initiatives going in the office. It also saw the decision to have another baby, the full pregnancy, and the birth of my daughter. These factors led me to quit WoW at the end of March. I just couldn't do it all.

After four full months away from game I came back to find my small group of friends mostly back in a guild we ran Kara and Gruul's with and I was welcomed back there as well. I spent a couple solid months leveling toons when time permitted but never got The Scourge out for another spin beyond respeccing him when all the points got refunded.

I took additional breaks from WoW on a regular basis especially after my little girl was born. So here are the results.

As you can see my druid went from a T5ish feral tank to 80 and is a boomkin. My lock is back to affliction after leveling as a felguard siphon life spec. Gotta say with full Frozen Shadoweave this build had so much self healing I don't think I ever ate or drank. My hunter languished and went from 70 to 73. I took my rogue up to 70 and have plans on finishing it someday. My Shammy made it all the way from 61 to 80 and is now a heroic resto but I just don't make the effort to be a fantastic healer and usually let a dps or two die during the run.

My mage is up to 70 and remains the frost AOE grind champion but has yet to go any farther. My pally went from a resto pocket healer at 60 to retribution for the solo push to 71. There is no spec more OP than Ret Pallies IMO. My priest went from being a pocket dual box healer at 60 as well and is now full shadow. It is also a hard to kill toon with all the self healing. If it has mana, the mob(s) is dead. My warrior is a dual wielding titan gripping disappointment. At level 70 it has the lowest dps by far from all my toons and while I may not be optimal at rotations I do look up standard rotations for each class so I am somewhat competent.

That leaves my DK. The Scourge sits in the same gear he had the day I retired. He hasn't stepped foot outside of Dalaran except for a single fishing excursion. It was a very fun toon but I think I don't run heroics with it to collect badge gear because I don't want WoW to have that much influence on my life again.

On the subject of heroics and the new random pugs I have run a ton this week while on vacation on my Lock, Boomkin, and Shammy. Overall I have had good experiences. Only one run did I have to deal with asshats and I can count the complete wipes from 30-40 runs on one hand.

Lastly, I am somewhat amazed that after 9 months of shutting this blog down I still average 100 hits a day. That is a long way down from the 750-1000 I had at my peak and I wonder how far could this have gone had I devoted the attention to it that it deserved. I had several good e-mail interviews for DK of the week feature but ultimately the feeling of obligation to generate fresh, relevant, daily content was also a contributing factor to my departure.

I hope 2009 treated everyone who shared this journey with me well and I wish you all the best in the new year.

Omen aka The Scourge


  1. Your back! Welcome back from the break. Some time off always helps one appreciate both life and the game just a little bit more. Good luck with your goals.

    ~ Xeeon

  2. Wow you have a lot of high level characters, must be fun to mess around with them all. Also it is certainly great that you get plenty of visitors, and it possibly can be because of the great content. Good luck and welcome back :)