Saturday, February 28, 2009

PTR Tanking Recount Review

The other day I tanked a few bosses in Naxx including main tanking Patchwerk. I was using my PTR Unholy Tank Spec I posted about earlier.

Here is my recount breakdown.

I was quite happy with how the spec held up from both threat and mitigation and barring any new changes to DK talents will stick with this as is.

Impurity really pumps up the damage Death and Decay does. The new Outbreak also allows Scourge Strike to hit really hard. My tank gear while very sound does not hit nearly as hard as my DPS set, and with the benefit of Outbreak my SS's were hitting very well.

Single target rotations are essentially IT, PS, BS, BS, SS and burn RP on UB, RS, then DC in that order of priority. If UB is up, and Rune Strike is available use it. If UB is up and RS is queued and you are still waiting on runes and have extra RP toss your DC's to maximize your threat. The second half of your rotation should be SS x 3. Assuming your glyph procced and refreshed your diseases keep using SS as much as possible. Use BS to convert your runes as required and maintain your RP priorities.

Multi target tanking remains similar to live. Start with DnD, IT, PS, Pest and dump RP into UB on the first pass. As your runes refresh focus on using SS. Use BB to convert runes and assuming you have the new pestilence glyph, use it just before your diseases drop off your primary target. Finally, maintain the same RP priority from single target. UB, RS, then DC.

For mitigation keep your Bone Shield up as much as possible. BS should be your third major glyph. Keep RP on hand for IBF and AMS as needed. If the magic is really coming in use empower rune weapon to cycle in AMZ. Lastly, save Lichborne for the final enrages. Increasing the bosses miss by 25% when he hits the hardest will allow your healers to keep you up at the end.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Top 10 Reasons the PTR Sucks

I'll be the first to admit. I was not ready for the PTR. The issues caused by Blizzard are the easiest to deal with. I'd hate to see what Big Bear Butt would have to say about the asshats.

So here are my top 10 reasons the PTR sucks.

10. Hey I'm on the PTR, nvm it just crashed
9. Hope you like the default UI, because yours won't work
8. If you personally can't double for Fort Knox, don't plan on buying anything
7. People who are there only to flex their epeen
6. Raids will disband after one bad pull, even when no one dies
5. Players decide that they are too good and don't follow simple instructions (Don't beat on the damn gargoyles when they are stoneskinned)
4. Test Forum QQ
3. Ebon Plaguebringer stacking is still bugged
2. Asshats galore
1. My friends can't make it past the copy queue

If you plan on copying a toon to the PTR I highly recommend you ask your guild to loan you its bank contents for consumables, mats, and gold before you copy over. Then copy your toon twice to double that up.

Bring as many of your friends as you can and tons of patience. Dealing with the bugs and crashes will try Mother Theresa's calm. Throw in all the nastiness and it can get unpleasant.

Hang in there though. You will find a few diamonds in the rough. There are good people there and there are bugs with the talents, dual specs, new UI improvements and there are plenty of opportunities for quality feedback to make the game even more fun.

Finally, have a plan for being there. Mine is to test a dedicated tank and DPS spec. So far Unholy hasn't changed much from live and from a DPS perspective swapping Gargoyle and Unholy Blight doesn't have a huge impact.

Another One Bites the Dust er Two Actually

Decisions Decisions.

Go beat my head against the wall on the PTR with Hodir, or lead the coalition back into Naxx to finish out the Construct Quarter.

I'm sure most of you hope I did the former and have screen shots and strategies as well as how to Tank or DPS in there.

I chose the latter.

I chose my friends for the same reason I choose to raid with them and not in a big guild in the first place.

Besides most of the Hodir testing was the patience of people wanting to test him. I think Blizz found their patience was thin if the QQ on the PTR forums is any indication.

So back to our Naxx run. About half of the raid had never seen Thaddius. The first attempt was awful. One of the tanks on Stalag was too far away from the tesla coils and blew up everyone on their platform. The second attempt, most of us made the jump but we didn't pick Thad up in time and he got way out of position and we basically had 1 healer and two tanks up. We let them play ring around the rosy until the healer went oom for practice. Third time was the charm.

It wasn't so long ago that we had issues with Maxx, so it was nice to see our second quarter get cleared, especially in the same run. We still had some time so we moved on to the Plague Quarter.

Noth was cake. We all just piled on top of him which forced his adds to come to us so Mortify (Frost DK) could pick them up while Dayrok tanked him.

Heigan taught us all how to dance in two tries. Several of us felt we were gypped on the first attempt with lag. Either way he fell and we moved on to Loatheb.

If you haven't seen that fight the trick is to keep the spore debuff off the tanks, and precast heals for the window where healing is allowed.

We are looking to add a third night in this week so we can make a run at the military quarter. Guess I'll need to do some research since I've never been in those fights in any of my 25 man pugs.

I predict that the coalition of Chaos Brewing and Horde Del Diablo will score a Kel Thuzzad kill before Ulduar is released.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tanking Naxx in the PTR

So we got a pug together for about an hour in Naxx. I co tanked with a DW Blood tank. Laugh now, but his gear was so sweet it made my cry.

I used my Unholy 10/11/50 spec to get a feel for it. I have to say I feel lost without my ICE Hud. I went so far as to move my portrait right under me so I have some indication of what runes and RP I have available. I still had a hard time seeing if and when my diseases were up. I know that contributed to lower DPS and TPS.

Even so I ranged between 4,000 TPS up to 6,000 on occasion and was able to hold of some seriously hard hitting DPS. Out of the 8 of us in raid I was clearly the least geared. The majority of them were in 4/5 T7.5 and many had titles that indicated they downed Sarth 3D or at the least cleared Malygos.

My DPS is down about 25% from my hybrid spec I typically use on live but that isn't a huge concern while tanking so long as the threat is there. The healers didn't have any trouble keeping me up and I only used lichborne to see what it looked like.

What it does tell me is that 10/11/50 will be a viable Tank Spec. I'll need some time to parse my recount to determine if I need to change up the talent selections some.

And of course just to remind me nothing will stick with my toon a drop I want fell off of Patch.

PTR DK Roundup Feb 26

So it's still fairly early in the morning and we have had our first couple days on the PTR. I am downloading the first new build as I write this. Here is what is being reported on the PTR about DK's. (Note: the forums were wiped clean sometime last night)

Bladed armor isn't working
Ebon Plaguebringer isn't stacking
Obliterate has a bad tooltip and doesn't generate RP
Blood of the North not converting death runes
Changing presences burns an extra blood rune
Class starter quests are not awarding talent points

Feedback on forums
0/32/39 and other variations of DW is dead
Frost tanks are upset the nerfing to DW has hit them very hard as well
Ghoul Frenzy isn't worth the point and given the perma ghoul is now low enough in the tree all DK's can have one if they want it Unholies feel like they lost something special

Feedback I recall from yesterday as well as my limited experience
Outbreak is a sweet talent now.
Some DPS specs need more RP dumps. It's not possible to blow all the RP between rune cooldowns.
The new PS and Pestilence glyphs are at cross odds. PS buffs the hell out of a worthwhile strike while Pestilence means you only ever need to apply your diseases once.

Supposedly the new build has solved the Dalaran crashes and perhaps we will start to see some groups forming and get some feedback to how stuff works on real mobs in lieu of the test dummies.

Momma Didn't Say Knock You Out

Our little coalition is really stepping up. We were still 30 minutes late getting started but in two hours we downed 6 bosses, only wiped once, and other than two deaths on Frogger, only had one player death, and that was on trash.

Our raid was pure melee DPS outside the heals. In fact we had 4 tank capable toons. I respecced pure Unholy 17/0/54 DPS and was rewarded with an extra 1,000 DPS for the night. Makes me all squeamy inside waiting on Dual Specs. I knew the prot warrior would still be tanking but who I put on DPS duty came down to whether the Feral Bear of the Frost DK could dish out more hurt. Turns out it was the bear, so he went kitty.

We also had 3 healers last night. I was a little worried that rolling with an extra set of heals was going to gimp our dps. My worry was unfounded. Last week we were pulling about 14,000 raid DPS. This week we were nailing down 19,000 with one less DPS player.

After utterly destroying Anub I called for an attempt at Momma Said Knock You Out on Faerlina. We decided to destroy the trash and just tank the widow right there on the platform. That was our mistake. She went into a frenzy 20 seconds into the fight and was right on top of us as we burned the adds down. Next week I will have her kited away while we drop the adds. So we didn't get the achievement. but we did knock over a minute off of our fastest kill time.

Here's a tip, if all the adds are down on the widow you can burn your Army of the Dead. On a little over two minute fight, getting the army out for 42 seconds while it pushes and extra 1900 DPS will really crank up your totals. I beat our rogue by 75,000 total damage on the fight and cranked 4,768 DPS including my Ghoul and Gargoyle. This easily clears my best output I ever had while dual wielding. Of course I am better geared since then but it's comforting to know the basis of my 3.1 DPS spec can really dish out the pain.

Maxxena potentially posed a problem for us since we were pure melee. What's the best way to get players off the wall? Given the heals and DPS we had, we chose to have the Frost DK tank and our Prot Warrior used intercept to get out to the wall to unwrap us as needed. Worked like a charm.

Needless to say with how well every one was doing in all phases of the raid, Tanking/DPS/Heals, Patchwerk was a joke.

By the time we moved on to Grobbulus we had only had 3 total deaths. Two on Frogger(Marxi wasn't one of them) and one on a trash pull where a DPS just couldn't wait on the tanks. Grob farted all over our first attempt and we wiped in an ugly way. But that was the only time he did that. Grob is not a melee friendly fight. Ideally all the DPS is ranged. T'hell with the ideals. We kicked his ass with no deaths on the second attempt. I think we were all frustrated with him from last week. Especially since a RL emergency prevented us from continuing the run as planned.

At this point we were 10 minutes from our stop time. I called for one attempt on Gluth so people could see the fight. I fully expected we would leave him up. Out of the 10 of us, only 5 had ever seen it. So after the explanations we set the Prot Warrior and Feral Bear to trading tanking duties on Gluth to avoid the stacks. We had the Frost DK kite the zombie chows. We used melee AOE to drop them during the decimates. Once again, not the ideal set up. Once again no one died to a boss.

Tonight we will clear some trash and should get our Construct Quarter achievement.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Unholy Tank Spec patch 3.1 take 1

This is the first pass I am making at an Unholy tank spec for 3.1 on the PTR. I have not had the chance to tank anything with it yet but I will list out the talents selected nonetheless.

Blade Barrier 5 points
Bladed Armor 5 points

Toughness 5 points
Improved Icy Touch 3 points
Icy Reach 2 points
Lichborne 1 point

Anticipation 5 points
Vicious Strikes 2 points
Morbidity 3 points
Outbreak 3 points
Necrosis 5 points
Blood Caked Blade 3 points
Unholy Blight 1 point
Impurity 5 points
Dirge 2 points
Magic Suppression 3 points
Reaping 3 points
Anti-Magic Zone 1 point
Improved Unholy Presence 1 point
Crypt Fever 3 points
Bone Shield 1 point
Ebon Plaguebringer 3 points
Scourge Strike 1 point
Rage of Rivendare 5 points

Outside of the extra mitigation talents in Frost I tried to pick up singe target threat talents to round out the dedicated spec. Hopefully I'll get a test run in sometime tomorrow.

Initital DPS tests on the PTR

I managed to squeeze a DPS test in on the PTR before the world server went down using the 17/0/54 spec.

Right now Bladed Armor is bugged and I don't have the AP increase from it and my non buffed AP is a little over 200 points lower than on live. However, there is a clear increase in my DPS, but a lot of that is due to a dedicated DPS spec. Same rotation on live for 3 minutes I get 1842 DPS on the boss test dummy self buffed. On the PTR I am hitting 2165. Once BA is fixed I expect that to be even higher.

I have a second issue that I think will increase my DPS once it's resolved. ICEHud crashes my PTR client. I use ICEHud to track my runes and RP so I'm pretty sure my rotation wasn't as clean as I'd like.

On live my scourge strikes were hitting for 2220 on average. On the PTR they hit for 3124. SS got a buff on its own in addition to Outbreak now buffs SS as well.

My Plague Strikes also went from a whopping 370 hit on live to 1725 on the PTR. That is a huge buff.

I didn't see any real difference in my DPS by including DnD on the boss target but I'm sure on AOE fights I will get more out of it.

Here are my Current DPS Talents:
Butchery 2 points
Subversion 3 points
Bladed Armor 5 points
Two Handed Specialization 2 points
Dark Conviction 5 points
Vicious Strikes 2 points
Virulence 3 points
Morbidity 3 points
Ravenous Dead 3 points
Outbreak 3 points
Necrosis 5 points
Blood Caked Blade 3 points
Master of Ghouls 1 point
Unholy Blight 1 Point
Impurity 5 points
Dirge 2 points
Reaping 3 points
Desecration 2 points
Improved Unholy Presence 2 points
Night of the Dead 2 points
Crypt Fever 3 points
Bone Shield 1 point
Ebon Plaguebringer 3 points
Scourge Strike 1 point
Rage of Rivendare 5 points
Summon Gargoyle 1 point

I'm still not sold on Desecration and BCB seemed a little light compared to live. That could be a disease issue since I don't have my debuffs easily visible and I may have lost something while testing. I will most likely move the 2 points from Desecration into Wandering Plague.

Prag's Notes

New talent, Upgraded Helm increases the iLvl of your helm 13 levels and upgrades itemization accordingly.

10 Minutes on the PTR

So I only had about 10 minutes on the PTR last night and I submitted 4 crash reports. Needless to say I just don't have a lot to report so far. I'll get about an hour and 30 minutes this afternoon but it's raid night tonight so I won't get a lot of time until tomorrow.

I did get my toon copied twice. I am setting one up for dps and the other for tanking.

I did get the DPS toon specced. I went with a 17/0/54 Unholy Build. On the blood side it is real easy to recall from memory my choices. Subversion, Butchery, Bladed Armor, and two handed specialization.

In Unholy I picked up Gargoyle, Master of Ghouls, and Ravenous Dead. I skipped Ghoul Frenzy for now. The tool tip says it's channeled and I want to get more information from the theory crafters on the PTR before I recommend it. From my initial napkin math, Outbreak appears to be on par with Wandering Plague for 3 points. Since it now buffs Scourge Strike I went with it since it should contribute to single target DPS more.

I also put a few points in Desecration, but I may pull those back out in favor of wandering plague. I'm still concerned due to movement fights that Desecration may not provide the bang for buck I know I can get from WP. Finally I know I kept Morbidity for DPS. I did this because my DPS spec will finally have the threat reduction from subversion and I will be able to include DnD in my DPS rotations now.

For tanking I was able to pick my blood and frost talents but didn't have time to do my unholy tree. I will initially be going 10/11/50. Blood will give me blade barrier and bladed armor. For frost I'm picking up Toughness, Improved Icy Touch, Icy Reach, and Lichborne.

Though I haven't started my Unholy Tanking tree I know there are some talents I will and will not get. I will not have Gargoyle. I will not have the perma ghoul. Since I don't need to combine DPS and mitigation in the same build the two pets do nothing to contribute to my threat so I can use those points elsewhere. I will be taking the AMS/AMZ talents in addition to Anticipation of course.

Other thoughts....

Virulence is now in the first tier and unless you need the dodge you will be taking this in the Unholy tree. I'm not sure whether I like this just yet. I'll have to review some of my old recounts to see how often my "spells" were missing. I don't recall it being all that frequent. But then again, dodge does jack squat for DPS so its still better than anticipation in the front row.

I'll be monitoring the PTR test realm forums and EJ during the day so I can maximize my efforts when I get on this afternoon.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Countdown to the PTR

Assuming this is the only file I need, I should be live just before bedtime. I figured I could do some dailies and fishing this afternoon with this downloading in the background.

Then again, maybe not. Good thing I planned on taking the missus and jr out to dinner tonight.

Ask the Scourge Ghoul Edition

It's Tuesday, maintenance is going on, and it's time for Ask the Scourge.

I received an e-mail from Randul the Dwarf over at

1. When dpsing, how should one treat their ghoul, especially as unholy? Should we treat them like hunter pets and do everything we can to keep them up or should we just let them drop and consider their dps additional?

2. What is the proper usage for army of dead? When should it be used and under what circumstances?

Currently I would say for Unholy DK's that have Night of the Dead, let your Ghoul die. Don't waste the RP on a death coil to heal it, just summon another. That said, if you have the perm ghoul you should try to keep one up at all times. They add as much as 400 dps to your efforts. Granted that's not the 2,000 BRK gets out of his pet but it's still a large hit to lose.

If the talent changes for 3.1 go through as they now stand it becomes more important to keep your ghoul alive and not let it die mid fight. MMO Champion is reporting NotD reduces raise dead cooldown by 90 seconds. Master of Ghouls drops it another 60 seconds. This means you will have 30 seconds without a ghoul should you sacrifice it or it dies on its own. That's approximately 10,000 less damage on a boss fight to let him die. Therefore use a DC to heal the bugger.

As for Army of the Dead, the taunt does not affect Raid bosses, but it does heroic bosses. However, their taunt does affect adds in raids. Therefore, you should not be using it in heroics unless it is a last ditch effort to stave off a wipe. There are exceptions to this and the first one that comes to mind is the tribunal event in Halls of Stone.

In raids I have to give credit to Bloodmourne's post at Elitst Jerks for the details but the gist is, use it when there are no issues with adds for a sweet DPS increase. I like to pop mine on Maxenna right when she enrages. That's a good time on Patchwerk as well.

Have any other questions please let me know. If they are about 3.1 I'll give my opinion but at this point everything is in flux and the QQ has definately commenced on the forums.

Patch Notes 3.1 revised for PTR

So the first thing I see this morning is a WoWInsider piece on DK changes for the PTR.

The good news is, I finally got my toon back in queue. But my AOE tanking 5/45/21 spec isn't going anywhere.

I'm not going to detail all the changes, you can see that over at WI as linked. I am going give my initial thoughts on stuff that jumps out at me as they relate to PVE.

The cool down on Raise Dead has been changed to begin when your pet dies. Not when it's summoned. It did get shortened to 3 minutes from 5 and Master of Ghouls drops that another minute as well. Night of the Dead is also being modified to provide a flat reduction in cooldown. I would suspect 1 minute per point on Raise Dead and 5 minutes per point for Army. This would ensure you can still instantly summon a new pet when yours dies as well as maintain the effective cooldown on Army with this talent.

Non Perma Ghouls will also only be up for 1 minute now. No more popping a Ghoul twice on Patchwerk, save it for the enrage.

The raid wide auras are going the way of the do do. While Mark of the Wild replicated the Frost Aura there is no replacing the Blood and Unholy Auras which reduced healer load and increased raid DPS. They still provide personal benefit and for dedicated min maxers may still be good talents.

Howling Blast got moved to the 51 point position in frost. This killed my desire to have HB and UB in the same build. On the surface people might think that could be OP but you have to realize both those talents, and DnD, were buffed by impurity which could not fit in that build.

If blizzard has the goal of moving more DK's out of Unholy this change goes against that. Unholy will remain the AOE tank of choice. Because HB just won't hit as hard as UB with impurity.

The bastard talent of the Unholy tree Outbreak got nerfed. I know it was to offset the buff to Scourge Strike but still, there remains no reason to take outbreak now or in its proposed form.

Between the buff to Plague Strike and the changes to Desecration we may see this become a more important talent again. The reason to avoid it in the past was due to high mobility fights and the overall weakness of PS to pull Desecration back up.

Needless to say, all of this will remain up in the air until the patch goes live. As soon as I get my toon on the PTR will will be testing a UH Tank build and a UH DPS build. I will also dedicate the two builds to their role since there will be no real need to have hybrid builds anymore. At 1000g for dual specs I highly recommend you go that route.

Monday, February 23, 2009

15 Emblems in 3 Hours

Last night was one of those Heroic nights you just truly enjoy. We put together a guild run and mowed through 4 heroics in short order.

CoT, Check. VH Daily, Check. Azjol-Nerub, Check. UK, Check.

A couple of us picked up the On The Rocks achievement while in UK. Of course it helps that we blew all our cooldowns and dropped Keleseth in 42 seconds. As soon as I ran in and got my RP above 50 we popped Blood Lust. I hit my Orc Racial for a bit more juice, summoned my gargoyle then called the army in as well. As the tank I cleared 2800 DPS on the one fight.

For the night I held over 1,900 dps tanking the four and scored the Staggering Legplates finally. Now its time to go broke regemming again since I can drop a ton of +hit gems. C'est la vie. After all it's not a bad problem to have.

Audacity, Hubris, Deathtard, You be the Judge

So I log in yesterday afternoon to run some dungeons on an alt and I see a raid forming that peaks my interest.

First thing I do is check class, level, and guild of the person advertising it.

I chose to pass on the raid. Might as well say, Deathtard looking to be carried in BC End Game raid. PST.

I suspect his dungeon blues from Ramparts will really give him all the hit he needs to whack bosses 5 levels above him. I seriously hope he wasn't going to tank.

I will concede these requests happen from members of all classes but this doesn't help with our reputation.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

DK Trinket Review

So I've decided to review trinkets based on the types of queries people are finding my sight with. To date there is not a lot out there on the subject and I know whatever I post will generate some disagreement and hopefully some discussion.

As usual, I will compare tank trinkets separate from DPS trinkets and I will list my top 10 as found on WowHead. I will provide some qualitative insight into my rankings. I've done my best to account for On Use and Proc abilities in setting my weights but I haven't done extensive theory crafting on them, especially the procs.

Tank Trinkets

For Tanking I've weighted Stamina and Defense highest with defense taking priority. Hit, Strength, Expertise, and Dodge are also highly rated but not as much as Stam and Def. Armor also gets a factor in this. For On Use effects I adjusted the value according to its maximum up time. Procs, I tried to see if I could get a sense of up time from the comments. Needless to say, some of these make the list on the basis of their mitigation while other make it based on threat.

Here are my Top 10 Tanking Trinkets. You can mouse over them for their details.
1. Repelling Charge - Thaddius Naxx 10
2. Essence of Gossamer - Hadronax Heroic AN
3. Figurine: Monarch Crab - Jewelcrafting 400
4. Indestructible Alchemist Stone - Alchemy 400
5. Darkmoon Card Greatness - Nobles Deck
6. Bandit's Insignia - Sapphiron Heroic Naxx
7 Defender's Code - Heroic Naxx
8. Grim Toll - Heroic Naxx
9. Seal of the Pantheon - Loken HoL Reg
10. Valor Medal of the First War - Emblem of Heroism vendor

DPS Trinkets

For DPS I rated Hit the highest followed closely by STR and AP. Crit, Armor Pen, and Haste are included as well. Once again I tried to account for on use and proc effects.

Here are my Top 10 DPS
1. Fury of the Five Flights -Heroic Sartharion
2. Darkmoon Card: Greatness - Nobles Deck
3. Mirror of Truth - Emblem of Heroism vendor
4. Bandit's Insignia - Sapphiron Heroic Naxx
5. Incisor Fragment - King Dred Heroic Drak'Tharon
6. Mighty Alchemist's Stone - Alchemy 400
7. Grim Toll - Heroic Naxx
8. Figurine Emerald Boar - Jewelcrafting 400
9. Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood - Keristrasza Heroic Nexus
10. Loatheb's Shadow - Loatheb Naxx 10

I'm sure some of you have different opinions so let's hear them. All I ask is that you be kind to each other if the debates heat up.

Sixth Pic

If you read a number of WoW blogs you may have noticed the bloggers are having a game where they post the 6th picture of their 6th folder and discuss it.

Well I've been tagged by TGAP George over at I'm Tanking What?

So without further ado...

That's me as a bear getting ready for my guilds first ever attempt on Nightbane. I'd like to say it was successful but I'd be lying. Outside of Real Life forcing my Co-Tank and Co-Raid Leader I still run with most of them. The members were:

Uruz - Prot warrior, my co-tank and co-raidleader. He renamed his toon for wrath but after our first run in Naxx had real life come up and he's not playing these days.

Marxihunt - Was one of our top hunters back in T4 and is now our go to rogue Marximo.

Suzysunshine - An affliction lock that went from 300dps to over 1000 by constantly studying her toon. She now plays our awesome pally healer Lampost.

Aupoirve - Resto shammy came out of retirement briefly to help me kill Onyxia as posted here. He now plays Beercan who goes back and forth between Feral and Boomkin.

Verna - Holy Priest that is level 80 in Chaos these days. RL has also impacted her ability to raid so when she is on she mostly focuses on leveling an alt.

Kahlamnel - Arcane mage who was the source of our Kara team's nickname "Sacrificial Mage" Since Kahl and Verna are married he is dealing with the same RL issues. Both of them have ready spots and promises to be geared up when they have time to come back.

Bearcatomen - this was my feral bear seen in the picture. Bearcat is now level 71 and specced into tree and just doesn't see much action.

Ishidu - was our other top hunter and remains with the guild we were all part of then. He did fill a spot for us recently on an OS 10 kill.

Bighappy - another hunter from our guild back then. I still bump into him in Dalaran on occasion and have done the occasional group quest together while leveling in wrath.

Teutates - feral druid who is still guilded with Ishidu and Bighappy. Tater had to take some time off from WoW for RL issues and I haven't seen him in awhile.

So my sixth picture is a walk down memory lane and reminds me why I choose to be in a small guild over a big one. I can remember the folks I've raided with because they are my friends. If you asked me to name the folks I hit SSC with I could give you 6 or 7 and half of them were just mentioned in this post.