Thursday, July 8, 2010

No More Dings

I'm comming out of retirement for one last post. I dinged 80 for the 10th and final time yesterday. It was only 6 months past my goal but then again I took three WoW breaks totaling 11 months away from the game.

Since this was a DK blog and my Death Knight was my first 80 I'm giving him a position of honor. Top Left.

Omenscourge dinged 80 on 12/04/2008 and you can easily see my exploits with this toon in the archives. This toon was a joy to tank with and was very effective at DPS as well. Even though I've rolled him out a couple times lately I still have never seen Maly with this toon which is all that is standing between him and his Champion of the Frozen Wastes title.

As of now, this toon is a blood tank and I mainly use it to run guildies through BC era dungeons as I can easily solo any of them without waiting for heals. He still sits in his Naxx era gear and maybe someday I'll do the heroic grind with him to up him to T9.

The first toon I leveled to 80 after my first Hiatus was Bearcat my druid, dinged on 8/18/2009 . This was my first tank back in BC and I tanked with him all the way into T5. Come wrath I thought I'd try my hand at healing so I ditched all my feral gear and geared him as a tree. I quickly discovered I love tanking and enjoy DPS I could give a rats ass for healing myself and he went boomkin for the duration. I have recently converted him back to a Bear again and you can find me in the heroic Q. He still needs a lot more emblems before I'm happy with him but now that I don't have any leveling to do I have more time to tank.

My next 80 was my first 70 and the first toon I ever raided with. Omenator, my Warlock dinged 80 on 9/8/2009. When Wrath hit I was sporting full shadoweave along with battlecast gear. Combined with a Felguard - Siphon Life spec this toon had more self healing that my shadow priest did. It was also a felony how fast it could level. Run through a group of mobs, dot them all up and let the felguard bat clean up. Specwise he is now back to Affliction and serves as my banker since it is the only toon that I have leveled enchanting high enough to DE any greens or blues I pick up along the way.

To say destroying mobs with an Elemental Shaman is fun would be the same as saying I like breathing. Watching a mob lose half its health with one key just brings out the kid in me. Totemomen dinged 80 on 10/15/2009. It took a little longer but then again this toon wasn't anywhere near 70 when wrath hit. In fact it was one of many 60's. This is also the only toon I have ever healed a 5man, heroic, or raid with. Which is to say I've done it a few times only when the guild is desparate. Healing is just not my thing but it makes me appreciate those who do heal me while I am tanking all the more.

I took another hiatus in October with the birth of my second child. WoW is a lot of fun but Family is always first, followed by work to support them second. When I did find time to get back into game just after the first of the year I leveled my ret Pally Omenknight next. I acheived 80 on this toon on 1/16/2010. The stories about Ret being OP are true. More mobs the better even. This toon had originally been a pocket healer as a dual box to 60 long before Wrath ever came out. But a big 2H Axe later and it was a PvE destroyer.

After playing a melee toon I thought I'd go range and powered up Omenpotestas the Frost Mage. For true AOE grinding there is nothing better. Pop Ice Shield, ride around a large group of mobs in a circle. Drop off the mount and Fost Nova them all in place. Next Blink away and start the Blizzard. At worst the pack would close on you and you'd Nova, Blink, and Blizzard again. Then it took 3 hours to loot all the corpses. I ran a bunch of heroics with this toon as Arcane but will definately go back to Frost when it's time to push this toon to 85.

Then it was back to the ground. Omenwar was a fury warrior all the way to level 70. It has been Prot ever since and dinged 80 on 2/26/2010. And you may flame a former DK blogger for this next sentence. As a tank I prefer the Warrior. That's right, in my opinion Charge > Death Grip. Actually, it's Charge+Thunderclap > Death Grip + Death and Decay. I have run so many dungeons with this toon that the Triumphs are only good for gems these days. On the extremely rare occurrence I can make a raid between family and work, this is the toon I tank with. Sorry fellow DK's, I have betrayed your trust a second time.

Next, it was time for more work. Such is life. I didn't get back until late May. I dinged 80 on my Rogue, Hiddenomen, on 6/11/2010. I have been running heroics with this toon and have just started getting into world PvP. Or to be more specific, my guild loves to ensure the Allies on my server never have a shot at VoA. So I have thrown my lot in with them as well and enjoy watching clothies try to hide when they see me coming. As of right now this is my second best geared toon just behind Omenwar. I dumped a lot of gold into this one power leveling Engineering but it has been worth it for the tinker chants. Now if I could only get two swords or two daggers that I like.

If there are any Shadow Priests out there, you'll have to explain the fun of these toons. If I want to DoT something to death I'll play the warlock in a cold, dead, heartbeat. I realize shadow is the only way to solo a priest to 80 and I dinged mine that way on 6/28/2010. Damage is fine, while questing I could hit 1,200 dps and toss nearly 2k in dungeons on the way to 80. Just something about the play style doesn't sit with me. Oh well, I have enough other toons to keep me occupied and I'm glad I did it.

My final class to hit 80 was my Hunter, Huntomen. I dinged yesterday, 7/7/2010, in a guild 5-man with some of my friends. I saved the hunter for last. Not because I dislike them. I saved this toon for last because it was my first toon I ever leveled past 10. I eventually abandoned it for over a year at level 36 in favor of the warlock. But because this was my first it will always be one of my favorites. I haven't had time to gear this one yet but you can believe that will happen before Cataclysm comes out. Not to mention this is my only toon with a turbo-charged helicopter so I have to fly around on it.

The other part of my goal was to ensure each and every toon had epic flight. That was achieved long before they hit 80. In fact, I refused to level a toon past 70 without it. Now some of you are saying that is a ton of gold, where did it all come from. The simple truth is questing from 70-80 will net you over 5k per toon if you always take the most expensive quest reward and vendor it when it's not useful to you. Combined with a couple toons with mining, herbing, and skinning, I was never in want of gold.

So there it is, unless my life changes I am basically done raiding. Either way, I am definitely done blogging. To my guidlies of the past couple years, thanks for all your support. You know I always have a toon ready for a heroic whenever I'm online.

For my readers, thank you as well. It is heartening to see that even after being gone for more than a year I still get a hundred hits a day and will soon reach the 100,000 milestone.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick Don't Look, You didn't see that

As you know after essentially quitting my DK and blog at the end of March last year I quietly snuck back into Azeroth after several months to level the rest of my toons. So far, my DK, Druid, Lock, Mage, Pally, and Shammy have all hit 80. They all have epic flight as do my 73 warrior and 73 huntard.

I'm playing the warrior right now and after leveling to 70 as a dual wielding titan gripping furious SOB I wasn't real happy with him. Then a guildie suggest I take him prot, hooked me up with the cobalt set, and AOE grind all my quests to have more fun.

I gave it a try.

I died attempting to solo Harold Lane too many times to count. Then something clicked. Pieces fell into place and I was a tank again. Naturally I joined LFG for a random and was pleasantly surprised with the insta-q.


I haven't tanked in almost a year. I've never tanked with a warrior. All my tanking knowledge came from being a Bear in BC and DK tanking a year ago.

I think I did OK.

The Druid and Shammy were both melee toons so they got exposed to all the bombs at my feet. When the tank takes 70% of the damage for the entire run it is a safe bet it was a smooth one.

Damn I've missed being a tank. Just don't tell my wife.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010's Bad Business Decision - Time for a Boycott

I have been a long time reader of WoWinsider and subsequently While I occasionally enjoyed the drama in guild watch I myself wasn't terribly disappointed when it was removed. That did not appear to be the case with the general public based on their comments.

In today's edition of the classifieds Adam Holisky an editor at posted the following comment after deleting several comments and banning people from posting.

"I'm giving a warning here -- we have banned several of you who seem to not be able to move on. The constant barrage from a few of you is not welcomed, and is considered a very low form of trolling. You are welcome to participate in the community here with different email addresses if you like, but if you continue to demonstrate your inability to be polite and respectful, we will make the bans wider.

This is a community here, and we're not going to be like the general forums.

End of discussion."

I disagreed and replied with the following.

"@ Adam

I disagree with's response to the many requests to have drama reinstated and believe that you are collectively making a bad business decision for two reasons.

First, your audience have clearly demonstrated a desire for a feature that you have in the past provided yet refuse to now. Any time a business eliminates a product or service feature it risks alienating its customers. Based on the feedback I have seen on this column since it has changed I would say that risk has become reality.

Second, your response to the repeated requests (albeit some not so polite) by banning people from commenting and expressing their disagreement further erodes the relationship you have with your readers. Even those of us who have not be banned are alarmed that opposing viewpoints are not tolerated in all instances. By all means edit the asshats, but don't blanket censor the disagreement.

Both of these points ultimately tie to the fact that makes its money based on readership. Both of the points will reduce readership and ultimately revenues and your ability to earn a paycheck by writing about a game you love to play.

Afterall, the service has a relatively low barrier to entry with the biggest obstacle being the relationships you have cultivated with Blizzard and with their fan base. Neither of those are protected and therefore it would make good business sense to reconsider your collective policy of not only not providing what your readers want, but also the heavy handed treatment being doled out towards those who are unhappy with the changes.


Now I personally believed that to be polite and respectful.

It was deleted inside of 5 minutes.

Personally I am less upset about the removal of the drama section of guild watch, I am abhorred that legitimate debate is suppressed. I am quite sure will not pick this post up in their Daily Quest feature but I feel compelled to bring this practice to light. It is an old business adage that ignoring your customers best be done at your own peril.

Therefore, I am encouraging other bloggers to pick up the torch and let's collectively show that their readership expects to be heard.