Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick Don't Look, You didn't see that

As you know after essentially quitting my DK and blog at the end of March last year I quietly snuck back into Azeroth after several months to level the rest of my toons. So far, my DK, Druid, Lock, Mage, Pally, and Shammy have all hit 80. They all have epic flight as do my 73 warrior and 73 huntard.

I'm playing the warrior right now and after leveling to 70 as a dual wielding titan gripping furious SOB I wasn't real happy with him. Then a guildie suggest I take him prot, hooked me up with the cobalt set, and AOE grind all my quests to have more fun.

I gave it a try.

I died attempting to solo Harold Lane too many times to count. Then something clicked. Pieces fell into place and I was a tank again. Naturally I joined LFG for a random and was pleasantly surprised with the insta-q.


I haven't tanked in almost a year. I've never tanked with a warrior. All my tanking knowledge came from being a Bear in BC and DK tanking a year ago.

I think I did OK.

The Druid and Shammy were both melee toons so they got exposed to all the bombs at my feet. When the tank takes 70% of the damage for the entire run it is a safe bet it was a smooth one.

Damn I've missed being a tank. Just don't tell my wife.

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